It's been some times since my last post.

I've played some Star Wars D6 and was not satisfied as I was before with the D6. Some things did scratch me and left some bad after game bad taste.

I don't want to explain what it was now. I'll do that some other times.

So I've played with two other systems just to make a change. The first one is the Cortex system used for the Serenity RPG. It's a fun system with many similarity to D6. The lower side of it is it's randomness. Die results are too ramdom.

The second one was the Basic Rpg from Chaosium in a fantasy setting. It's a great value for a game system but compared to D6, it's a little more complicated.

For halloween, I've made a special of MIB D6 simplified. That game got me back into D6 with new ideas.

In future posts, I'll try to explain how D6 can be simplified to the bits in order to enjoy the cinmatic feel it was meant to. My goal is to explain the whole system in one page.

Check this out when time will permit me.

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