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Welcome to Open D6 Resurrection

Welcome to the Open D6 Resurrection Wiki! You can get started by adding all of that material for the D6 System you have collected and created over the years. The project staff would like to thank everyone who is writing this wiki and making it a testament to the greatness of our favorite Role Playing Game, the D6 System. Please be sure to read the terms and conditions before posting anything on the wiki or using any material within the wiki for any game be it personal, or professional. The wiki itself makes no claims to any work published within its pages. You are the master of your own destiny when it comes to how much you want to add to us or take to your friends to play. Thanks again for coming to the wiki and if you like what we offer please contribute. That's how the community grows. - Travis Wooten, Project Founder

What is Open D6 Resurrection?Edit

Open D6 Resurrection is a fan attempt at realizing the goals of Open D6, a project to create open-source tabletop RPG rules based on the West End Games D6 system. Open D6 was begun by Eric Gibson, owner of West End, before the company went bankrupt; the effort foundered through subsequent acquisitions of the property. The D6 system began as the rules for the Ghostbusters RPG, but it was the adaptation for the original Star Wars RPG that popularized the system.

Open D6 Resurrection has two main goals:

1. To act as a central repository of and access point for D6 information, whether created for the project or collected from elsewhere across the Internet

Our long-term goal is to have enough information compiled in one place that the average fan can pick and choose what they want as far as rules, flavor text, and settings, copy and paste from the wiki into a document. and have a ready-made RPG customized for their needs and interests. This is an ideal that may not be reachable in finite time, but we want to keep pushing closer to it. Please help by contributing to the wiki!

2. To provide the rallying point for a community of authors creating new games based on the system.

Please join our Facebook Group Open D6 Resurrection , upload your own videos of how you use Open D6 (send me your YouTube username and I'll invite you to join the group), and come visit us at the official fan forums for Open D6 at West End Games Forums. You can also follow us now on Twitter.

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Open D6 Downloads Edit

The links are for the complete PDF forms of OGL books available for Open D6. You may use, edit, modify, sell, distribute, or reproduce anything in these books by including the Open Gaming Licence in your work. The are the works as produced by West End Games and are in a difficult to duplicate format. Sycarion of the West End Games Fan Forums created a complete D6 Fantasy SRD from the PDF below already. If you appreciate our work here and want to help, please compile the information in these books into the wiki to make them more easily searchable, accessible, and reproducible.

D6 Magic (Fantasy or Adventure)

Legal Edit

By using this wiki you agree that you take full responsibility for anything that you post. Open D6 Resurrection reserves the right to remove any material without notice. All artwork, settings, and material are property of their respective trademark or copyright holders. Open D6 Resurrection is not affiliated with West End Games, The D6 System, the original Open D6 project, Eric Gibson, Purgatory Publishing, Cthulhu, Wematanya, or He Who Must Not Be Named (For legal reasons). Open D6 Resurrection is a non-profit project aimed at completing the general objectives of Open D6 and bringing the D6 System into the new decade while creating a large audience for WEG products and those created under the OGL by the community at large. Open D6 Project Resurrection is a community organization without any intentions of laying claim to material that is owned by the aforementioned person, persons, companies, entities, divine beings, or Lovecraftian Horrors.

Latest activityEdit

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