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    FreestyleD6 developpement

    November 4, 2012 by D6&d6

    Hi there

    Gamers about my age often can't play as often as they'd like. Jobs, kids, all those things are time consuming. Of course we'd like to play GURPS or Pathfinder for example but those game systems are complex and needs time to study in order to keep them at their full potential. Do I have time for this? No.

    That's where the D6 system comes. It's simple and can cover any situations with the same simple mechanic. It's perfect for everyone especially for GM's who have no time like me. Even with that system, things have to be narrowed down bacause of the lack of time. Again, I have no time to study the variant rules of the D6 core rules. I'd better spend my little time into preparation of an adventure.

    So here comes Freestyle D6. I have thi…

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    Back to D6 II

    March 24, 2010 by D6&d6

    Hi again

    As I was writing in my last article, I'm back into D6 after a long time. Now I wan't to tell you some things about my setting and how I handle the rules.

    Setting :

    It's Star Wars. 500 years BY, a colony was being evacuated because it's sun was going mad and was going to become a supernova in an unpredictable way. A group of colonist, divided in a couple of huge transport ships, escaped into a rushed hyperspace as the sun exploded. A flare hit the group of ships and all technological things broke. The ships got out of hyperspace into a unknown planet and crashed onto it. Stranded on that hostile planet, the survivors learned to live without any technology. Back into a middle age kind of life, the player characters are descendants of t…

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    Back to D6

    February 18, 2010 by D6&d6

    Hi everyone

    Since I don't know where to start in my contribution to the D6 community, I decided to start with an article. Nothing scientific or all, just impressions about my return into the gaming world.

    In 1987, as many of you, my rpg world got to a totally new direction with the Star Wars rpg and it's incredible and simple game system. Back then, I was much into D&D and Marvel Super Heroes. Since then, I've played a lot of games but got back to D6 regularly. In the 90's, I worked my own house rules and presented them into the D6&D6 website. In around 2002, I've stopped playing the D6. I was interested into D&D 3e and the chaosium Basic rpg. But I've never forgot D6.

    From 2005 to the end of 2009, I was too busy to play at all. I've played a…

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